Like any great movement, the Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) grew out of a bold vision of seeing waves of fully prepared and intensely passionate planters starting new churches and raising up harvesters for every denomination committed to building the Kingdom of God. The CMTC has been rebranded and is now known as Generate.


Generate offers a comprehensive, strategic planning workshop for the planter, spouse and other team members along with the coach. Included are skill development, resourcing, developing a discipling engine, master planning and spiritual preparation. The planter gains the ability to clearly articulate the vision and strategy for the church plant.

We focus on the multiplication of disciples to the fourth generation. We train to multiply disciples to plant churches rather than planting churches and hoping to multiply disciples. Disciple multiplication is the DNA desired in every new church started.



The vision to better equip church planters and their coaches began to take form in the summer of 1991. Bill Malick, the founder of the Church Multiplication Training Center was increasingly impressed with the need for such a vehicle after being involved with more than a dozen church plants. After months of consultation with Dr. Robert Logan and Steve Ogne (both with Church Resource Ministries) the training systems of the CMTC were birthed with the first BootCamp in October 1992.

The initial financial backing and encouragement came from the Western District of the Missionary Church and the Legacy of Faith Foundation. Presently, the Church Multiplication Training Center has expanded to work with more than 110 denominations and mission agencies.

The Missionary Church, Inc. continues to play a significant advisory and support role, maintaining a kingdom perspective. The Missionary Church is excited to see many groups and agencies with like passion join hands by adopting Generate as their choice for training church planters and their coaches.