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Multiplying Networks, Churches & Disciples to the 4th Generation


Learn what it means not just to make disciples – but to start a disciple-making movement.


Used by denominations coast-to-coast to train leaders who plant churches or desire to get existing churches back on mission.


CMTC training is done coast to coast and around the world at some of the largest church leadership conferences and in locally arranged settings.


Diversity of church models and training within the network of churches

Like any great movement, the Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) grew out of a bold vision of seeing waves of fully prepared and intensely passionate planters starting new churches and raising up harvesters for every denomination committed to building the Kingdom of God. The CMTC has been rebranded and is now known as Generate.

Engaging | Impactful | Affordable

“Congregations have long measured success by ‘bodies, budget, and buildings’ – a certain record of attendance, the offering plate, and square footage.  But the scorecard can’t stop there.  When it does, the deeper emphasis on accountability, discipleship, and spiritual maturity is lost.  Ignoring those details, we see fewer lives transformed, Christian influence wane, and churches thin out – a situation that is all too familiar across North America today.”
-Ed Stetzer & Thom Rainer – Transformation Church


  • "I was stretched, challenged and led to focus my mission. Thank you so much for your help. This has been a huge answer to prayer for our team."

    Church Planter, Abottsford BC
  • "I have been in church my whole life and have made Sunday services my idol. I have destroyed my idol and have been refocused to what the Great Commission is really about - Disciples making Disciples! Thank you!"

    Church Planter, Moscow ID
  • "Thank you for giving me vision, ideas, and clarity with what to do next. CMTC training will be a powerful tool to take home and lead our church in."

    Pastor, York, PA
  • This experience was so valuable for my wife and me. It's not a conference where you just sit back and soak in - but the leaders help you apply the material learned throughout and challenge you to not just be hearers but doers!"

    Church Planter, Moatsville WV
  • "How could anyone/denomination in their right minds send out anyone to plant a church without the tools we received from CMTC. Thank you so much for having a vision to help church planters be more effective reaching people for the kingdom of God. We feel much better equipped after this week. Thanks a million."

    Church Planters, Tacoma, Washington
  • The presenters clearly have a passion for making disciples that make disciples, and it is encouraging that they are able to express it in such a way that inspires us. Their heart for God is evident in the way they train."

    Church Planter’s Wife, Fletcher NC


Denominations, Christian organizations and churches that don't learn to multiply usually spend their future dealing with division or subtraction. Everyone knows that it's critical for any group to grow, but the secret to developing a strong and sustaining ministry is multiplication. That takes a vision and a strategy.


The 7 Elements and Church Multiplication Cycle

“Jesus didn’t start services, he made disciples who made disciples.” -Dr. David DeVries


Therefore GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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